Our Journey

As many of you know, we moved from Toronto to Bay Area, California in 2015. From there we moved to Shenzhen, China in 2018, then to Northwest Arkansas in 2019, now back in Toronto in 2022. It’s been a whirlwind and we’re happy that we’ll be closer to family with the new arrival of the twins. 

After we moved to Arkansas, we quickly realized that we might need some professional help in the fertility department. And what better things to do during the pandemic, right? We did 3 rounds of IUI with our local doctor before being referred to an IVF specialist in Arkansas, where we had 3 unsuccessful rounds of embryo transfer (see the first 3 images from the left). At that point we were advised to try an egg donor, but we decided to seek a second opinion, that’s when we found Dr. Irani in Chicago.

We proceeded to do 2 more rounds of egg retrievals and in the second round we had 3 genetically normal embryos. We decided to implant one embryo (the best looking one which happened to be female) on June 15, 2022, on our way back to Toronto, quite literally while having 2 dogs and our luggages in tow. We did find out that Jessie is pregnant on June 24, but we didn’t realize they’re twins until our first ultrasound scan around 6.5 weeks. We were both surprised by the news (and still digesting that information!).

Baby Registry

We Love Used Items!

If you have any used baby items that you think would be a great for us, please let us know! Of course, we also appreciate any new stuff that you don’t mind splurging for the twins. 

P.S. We’re so new to this, even if you just want to share some baby wisdoms or lend a helping hand for a few hours or bring over a meal, feel free to contact us! 

Amazon.ca Registry

Baby Shower

Since our family and friends are all over the globe,  there will be a virtual baby shower on around  Christmas. For more information, please contact Jessie. 



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Current Due Date

Feb 28, 2023

For twins they tend to come early. We’ll be taking bets….haha