Thanks for visiting! Perhaps you’re wondering who I am and what this site is all about.

I’m probably not that different from you. I’m just a guy figuring out my way through life, and decided to document some of it, and my thoughts, along the way.

I’m a native of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada where I grew up surrounded by family and pets. Winters were cold and snowy. Summers were hot and relaxed.

I studied Computer Engineering at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario and continued on to get an MBA. After school I started working in the retail industry, helping Sears Canada to build an omnichannel operation during a time of broader industry transformation (and upheaval!).

I eventually found my way to Walmart where I had my first formal introduction to Product Management. The blend of technology and business in one role ended up being perfect for me, and I continue to evangelize it, even as my career has progressed past that of a individual contributor Product Manager.

I live in Arkansas with my wife and two dogs. We love to travel and explore, and have been fortunate to visit many countries around the world.

In terms of me personally, I love to be outside, either hiking, cycling or motorcycling (especially the latter), or curled up inside on a rainy or cold day with a good book. I read constantly and usually have multiple books and news magazines in progress.

Ben Juteau next to a brick wall
Me, pretending to look classy in front of an Instagram-worthy brick wall